Monthly Archives: October 2008

It is not the peace agreements which make peace but the will of the signatories

Despite the fragile peace, civilians spent another night out in the cold for fear of returning to their homes last night. We are awaiting for the latest news from our friends on the ground in Goma, but in the meantime it seems that diplomatic efforts are underway in earnest.  Monuc reports that “The presidents of […]

39 Rangers still unaccounted for

 A ceasefire has been announced by Nkunda and the situation in Goma is quieter today but still tense. Our friends on the ground continue to iform us about the state of confusion, disappointment and abject fear.  Eyewitnesses say that the humanitarian situation is ‘dire’ with thousands of displaced people looking for a safe place to […]

Rebels take Virunga Park Station in violent morning attack

Conflict in eastern  Congo is once again in the headlines, once again it’s very bad news. Emmanuel on reports “Fighting at Rumangabo started at 0400 today between the rebels of Laurent Nkunda and the army. It has now totally engulfed the park station and our Rangers have been forced to flee into the forests […]

15,000 displaced around Rumangabo, UN calls for a Ceasefire

The situation in eastern DR Congo around Rumangabo remains very bad according to Monuc who has just reported that the CNDP attack on Rumangabo on 7 October, has left over 15,000 people displaced and fleeing or living in makeshift camps. They state that in a recent visit they found Rumangabo had been “virtually emptied of […]

2009 is the Year of the Gorilla

As part of the of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (UNEP/CMS), also known as the Bonn Convention, will declare 2009 the Year of the Gorilla (YoG) on 1 December at its ninth Conference of Parties in Rome. Partners in this campaign […]

Thousands displaced in recent fighting

Photo Marie Frechon/MONUC “Nearly 100,000 Congolese have been displaced in the last three months alone, and given the population in the areas attacked in the past few days, as many as 30,000 additional people could be forced from their homes”. Christian Science Monitor.  Although the CNDP rebels have left Rumangabo, the situation on the ground […]

Rebels retreat from Rumangabo

The United Nations Mission in DR Congo has informed the French Press Agency AFP that rebel forces have withdrawn from the military base in Rumangabo which they took following fierce fighting with the army. “At the request of MONUC, the armed elements of the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) have withdrawn […]

Rebels attack Rumangabo

We are alarmed with news reports that rebel forces have taken over the military base at Rumangabo. This has forced the ICCN to begin evacuating rangers from the Virunga National Park which is critical for their safety and survival, but will leave the gorillas and forests vulnerable. According to AFP “The Democratic Republic of Congo’s […]

Soldiers arrested for making charcoal in Virunga National Park

In Innocents latest post on the official website of the Virunga National Park he reports in great detail how soldiers were caught ‘red handed’ making charcoal in the forest. ” We drove to Mwaro and hiked into the forest near a Congolese army position on the road. We very soon discovered vast areas of forest […]

Looking for Miza is no. 1 in childrens books on apes

Looking for Miza was only just recently launched in New York at the first childrens Gorilla Summit The book was developed to raise awareness amongst young people about the crisis facing mountain gorillas, and the need for everyone to help. Like it’s predecessor Owen and Mzee, “Looking for Miza” is already no. 1 in Amazons […]