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MONUC seeks to ammend it’s mandate

Many people inside and outside of the DR Congo are frustrated wtih the failure of the United Nations Peace keeping force to protect civilians, and halt the conflict that is pushing the situation towards a regional war. The Monuc Website has revealed the following development “The UN Security Council has discussed, on 27 November 2008, the […]

New park to save the most endangered gorilla species

It’s not all bad news for gorillas despite the crisis in the DR Congo, there is good news in Nigeria and Cameroon for the worlds most endangered gorilla species.  The Cross River gorilla, the rarest of the four gorilla subspecies has a new protected area to protect it. The species is found only in Nigeria […]

Humba group visited in Gorilla sector

Emmanuel and the rangers have finally returned to the Mikeno sector of the Virunga National Park after 14 months of absence. They are conducting a census of the gorillas and have already met the Humba family. YOu can read about it on the blog The story has been captured by AFP which is below […]

more news and images

As if things were not complicated enough, now reports suggest that the government militias are fighting each other with the Mai Mai attacking the government forces whom they are supposedly allied to. This seems to be strengthening the position of Laurent Nkunda’s CNDP rebels which can’t be good news. Reports now show that Nkunda’s territory […]

Emergency appeals

While President Obasanjo of Nigeria was been in talks with Laurent Nkunda to end the crisis in the Congo,  Nkunda’s heavy fighing was taking place. The UN peace keeping force has denounced the violations of the ceasefire agreement, but that seems to be a tootless threat.  Nkunda has repeatedly refused to cooperate with MONUC who he claims […]

Gorillas at risk due to the conflict

GOMA, Congo, Nov 10 (Reuters) – East Congo’s conflict has put more than a quarter of the world’s last mountain gorillas at the mercy of armed groups who hunt and camp in their territory, park officials said on Monday. With no rangers left to protect or care for them, the gorillas face even greater risk […]

Situation in Goma worsens as diseases break out in camps

Despite the flurry of international attention and all the ‘high level  meetings” there is no good news to report on the situation on the ground in Eastern Congo where fighting continues, the humanitarian situation worsens and there are now epidemics of various diseases including cholera, meases and whooping cough. l Although some aid supplies are […]

Gorilla orphans are ok in Goma

A number of people have been raising concerns about how the crisis in the Congo is affecting the two gorilla orphans, Ndakasi and Ndeze, in Goma. We were really pleased to read today when Emmanuel confirmed that despite the conflict, he has been able to visit the babies and that they and their caretakers are […]

Please help, emergency support needed for rangers in Congo crisis

Given the gravity of the situation in the Congo we urge all our supporters to directly contribute towards helping the rangers through this terrible humanitarian crisis. We need to help raise $88,694 for the immediate needs. You can make a donation directly to the park through their official website or make a contribution right […]

23 rangers still missing, one dead

Fears of a refugee crisis in the region is fueling the pace for Congo talks to end the crisis. Talks are hoped to lead to a ceasefire, and real progress towards a lasting peace agreement. Meanwhile the Virunga National Park  and ICCN staff are not faring very well. It was very saddening to read Diddy […]