Monthly Archives: January 2009

Mountain gorilla population in Virunga has increased by 12 percent

We are all celebrating at WidlifeDirect with the good news  that the mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park have not been affected by the conflict there. In fact the population has increased by 10 new babies between August 2007 and January 2009. Five of them probaby fathered by this guy, Kabirizi, the head of the […]

Nkunda arrested

It has just been reported by BBC that Laurent Nkunda has been arrested in Rwanda . Apparently he was arrested in Rwanda after he tried to resist a Rwandan-Congolese military operation. Wonderful news to wake up to? The verdict is out on that, we are still waiting for news on why was he arrested by […]

Mountain gorilla populations have declined in Uganda

 Just two years ago we were celebrating that mountain gorilla populations were increasing especially in Uganda. However, a recent study has just poured water on these findings and suggests that that nest counting methods overestimate the number of gorillas. Some gorillas construct more than one nest per night According to to research conducted in the […]

13 million hectares saved in Congo

It finally seems like things might be looking up in Congo. 2000 Rwandan troopes are working the the DRC military to flush out the perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide. Following a review of 156 logging concessions granted in recent years, 91 (60%) will be canceled and 13 million hectares in the DR Congo will not […]

CNDP end hostilities

Amazing developments over the last 24 hours. Reported here on bbc   Senior officers of the main Tutsi rebel group in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo have announced a ceasefire with government forces. The breakaway faction of the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) said its fighters would join […]

Six killed in Virunga fighting

Several news articles illustrate the situation on the ground in the Virungas where 6 people were killed on Friday The Mail and Guardian here And this article on CNN about the killing of a ranger at Mt Tshiaberimu is also carried by AP here This article is taken from Press TV […]

Year of the Gorilla kicks off

Year of the Gorilla is now underway – here are some interesting things to look out for. The Gorilla Agreement has been signed. It is an international treaty, a legally binding agreement among the ten countries with gorilla habitats, requiring that they protect and conserve the gorillas. Implementation will include anti-poaching campaigns, reforestation work, and […]

Nkunda ousted says CNDP

The latest news from Congo suggests that Laurent Nkunda has been ousted by his own rebel force, the CNDP say our sources on the ground. It has also been reported in BBC, Reuters and Angola Press.   Nkunda however denies being ousted according to AFP   Many would think it a good thing if Nkunda is […]