Monthly Archives: February 2009

Cameroon creates new park for gorillas

Today we send out congratulations to Cameroon for establishing a new Gorilla Park. Deng Deng park is the size of Chicago and is hometo 600 western lowland gorillas. Lowland gorillas are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN after populations crashed by more than 90% in recent years. What a great way to start tGorillhe […]

New Gorilla Trekking site in Uganda

Uganda is celebrating that a new gorilla trekking site will be opened in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park this April.  This is Uganda’s fourth gorilla site. Managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), Rushaga in Kisoro District, is being opened to allow more tourists to visit their 300 mountain gorillas in this tiny national park in […]

Congo – is there hope?

This is from an interesting article in Time “Remarkable things are happening in eastern Congo. The Congolese army and the CNDP are working together to separate Hutu civilians from Interahamwe commanders, and already hundreds have been freed. According to one expert on the region: “For the first time, Rwandan and Congolese, Tutsi and Hutu are […]

New Gorilla project on WildlifeDirect

With the Year of the Gorilla now well underway, you will be pleased to hear that we are about to start supporting a variety of important gorilla projects in collaboraiton with GRASP and the CMS. The gorilla sound blog is about the western lowland gorillas in Mondika which is located on the border between the […]