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Year of the Gorilla Project – Fuel-efficient stoves to save Mountain Gorillas

Today, I would like to feature another Year of the Gorilla project, this time for Mountain Gorillas. The project is a low-cost high-impact project benefiting the gorillas and their habitat as well as the local human population. The Gorilla Organisation runs it, and you will hear from them on this blog soon. Fuel-efficient Stoves to […]

Drunk Gorillas and Jane Goodall

Some hilarious photographs were taken in Rwanda suggesting that gorillas getting drunk on bamboo juice in Rwanda The photographs were takne by Andy Rouse who belives that Kwitonda got drunk and then had a massive hang over afterwards. I’m not sure if gorillas can get drunk on bamboo juice but the pictures are pretty stunning. […]

The Year of the Gorilla 2009

Dear Friends, This Gorilla Protection Blog is a collaboration between WildilfeDirect, the Gorilla Organisation, WCS, the GTZ (German Development), GRASP, CMS, WAZA, PASA and Born Free Foundation, as well as other organizations involved in gorilla conservation. The goal uniting these various organisations is to raise as many funds as possible for a selection of important gorilla field-conservation projects. […]

Congratulations to Virunga rangers for winning award

Last year, after meeting the wonderful Nancy Abrahams, we were invite to recommend candidates for the Abrahams Foundation conservation awards. The Alexander Abraham Foundation based in the United States, recognizes people in defence of the natural resources of the DRC, in particular the natural parks which contain many rare and endangered species. It was a […]

Animated film about gorillas about to be released

The first ever animated film about mountain gorillas is about to be released it has just been announced  on the All Africa news website. “Written in Luganda and titled Galiwango: Obulamu Bwe Kisodde, (The life of a Gorilla), the film aims to sensitise the public about the plight of mountain gorillas in Rwanda, the DRC […]

China plundering Africa resources – Jane Goodall

We at WildlifeDirect have raised concern about China’s role in the accelerating elephant killings across Africa hwic his driven by China’s insatiable demand for ivory. The Government of China claim that they have excellent controls and education programs at home, and deny that China is having the impact that so many of us fear, on […]

Rarest gorillas, Cross River Gorillas need help

Dear friends, As part of our contribution to the Year of the Gorilla, we are helping GRASP (the Great Ape Survival Project) to raise funds for a number of field based gorilla projects in Africa. First off is the Cross River gorilla, Gorilla gorilla diehli, there are fewer than 300 of these gentle animals left […]

Where is Nkunda?

The news from Congo has all been very good lately, and we’ve forgotten all about Nkunda… or have we? This new article suggests that Nkunda isn’t quite a villain that the press has painted him out to be, but it is doubtful that many will believe the author.  Afterall, there’s no doubt that things have […]

Births, deaths and banning ape pets

Today we are celebrating the birth of a baby by Mahisho in the Kabirizi family. Innocent took some lovely photos which can be found here at the Official Virunga website But we are also mourning the death of 8 year old Muchana at the St Louis Zoo – she was found dead tangled in her […]

Great Virunga Transboundary Collaboration

Something very exciting is happening in the Virunga region. An ‘Inter-State agency’ is being created to coordinate conservation in the Virunga volcanoes called The ‘Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC)‘. The agency formalizes the ongoing collaboration between the three countries that share the Virungas, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda . The GVTC’s […]