Monthly Archives: April 2009

Baby Gorilla rescued in trafficking bust

Earlier this year we (WildlifeDirect) were approached by someone commissioned by a rich citizen of a middle eastern country, who wanted to know how to go about purchasing a baby gorilla. We were very disturbed at the request, and explained as politely as possible, the legal and ethical implications and consequences. Well, it’s obvious that […]

Charcoal sellers complain about the effect of fuel-efficient stoves

I post this on behalf of Tuver, the communications manager of the Gorilla Organization, and blogger for the stoves project. Hi, this is Tuver, Madame Helena, a charcoal seller in the little TMK market in Goma, came to complain last Friday about the fall in customers, now that many people in her area are using […]

Year of the Gorilla update

To give you an impression of what the YoG is doing beyond raising funds for the great projects featured in this blog, I will try to quickly give an overview (by no means an exhaustive list…). The YoG is as much about raising awareness and educating the general public on gorillas and the threats they […]

Year of the Gorilla Project – Eastern Lowland Gorilla – Rebuilding Surveillance and Monitoring in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, DR Congo

Another of the expert-selected YoG projects – this one focuses on the currently hardest-hit subspecies: the Eastern Lowland Gorilla. Introduction: The Eastern Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri) has probably suffered the greatest losses, in relation to its total population, of all gorilla species over the last 10-15 years. War and conflict in eastern DR Congo […]

ICCN wildlife officers jailed for gorilla habitat crimes

Four senior wildlife officers who had been arrested for the July 2007 killings of 5 mountain gorillas have been found guilty of a lesser charge o f destruction of flora and fauna. There was insufficient evidence to link them to the killings of the gorillas and they were each fined US $ 5,000 and sentenced […]