Monthly Archives: August 2010

Hello from Henry in DRC

Hello, my name is Henry and I would like to introduce myself. I am the manager of the Gorilla Organization’s Resource Centre in Goma, DRC and I oversee all of our Congolese projects. The gorillas in DRC are threatened with extinction because of habitat loss, hunting and disease. We are facing these threats with a […]

The house that built gorilla conservation

A few weeks ago, I watched the Gorilla Organization’s director, Jillian Miller, well up with emotion as she sat on the steps of the small house in the Virungas that welcomed the American researcher, Dian Fossy, all those years ago. When Dian first came to Virungas to study the gorillas in 1974, she was based […]

Making waves in DR Congo

Hi this is Tuver, Every Monday evening at 19:30h (Goma time) I broadcast the Gorilla Organization’s radio show – Cosmos, Our World. Today I am preparing for tonight’s programme, which will discuss climate change in Eastern DRC. I am interviewing one of or partners, Dominique Bikaba, who works with the Pole Pole Foundation on our […]

Aide Kivu boosts production of fuel-efficient stoves

Hello, this is Tuver, Today I met with Deo Kalus, the director of local organisation Aide Kivu, and our partner for the Jiko Stoves project. Deo has passed on great news about the project and I am pleased to share this with you. Since May of this year Deo and his team have manufactured 110 […]

Sad death of Nkuhene

Hi, this is Sam, I am sorry that my first blog post is not good news. Last week was not a happy week for Uganda Wildlife Authority staff. They mourned the death of Nkuhene – an adult female gorilla belonging to the Mishaya group, led by the silverback Mishaya. Nkuhene’s sad death was the result […]