Aide Kivu boosts production of fuel-efficient stoves

Hello, this is Tuver,

Today I met with Deo Kalus, the director of local organisation Aide Kivu, and our partner for the Jiko Stoves project. Deo has passed on great news about the project and I am pleased to share this with you.

Jiko stove in productionSince May of this year Deo and his team have manufactured 110 new fuel-efficient stoves in his workshop on the outskirts of Goma, which is a real achievement. During this time many many households have applied to receive a stove and some are already benefiting from this simple but very clever technology!

The stoves use much less fuel than a traditional open fire, in some cases up to 80% less fuel, which is great news for the environment and the gorillas. Illegal charcoal production in the national park has caused severe damage to the forest, so reducing the demand for this fuel plays a key role in protecting the habitat.

a jiko stove in useI went to visit Madame Kavira Mwasi, who is benefiting from one of these fuel-efficient stoves. Kavira is very grateful for all the time and money that the stove has saved her and she hopes that all the households around Goma will benefit soon.

I hope this project continues to succeed – its contribution to the fight against lung disease, poverty and safeguarding the gorilla habitat is quite amazing for such a small piece of technology.

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