Introducing the amazing Langa…

Langa the mountain gorilla eating in the forest

Here's Langa, eating as usual! Isn't he magnificent?


Hi, this is Tuver,

Well, firstly, sorry to have left it so long since my last post! The good news is the reason for this is that the Gorilla Organization team here in Goma has been incredibly busy, working together with our amazing Solar Sisters to get solar equipment installed in the small, rural village of Rusayo. I will write a little more about this exciting development in the next couple of days.

For now, I just want to share this picture my friend Dominique, who works at the Kahuzi Biega National Park sent to me a few days ago. This is the silverback Langa. Isn’t he incredible? What’s even more exciting that just this one picture is the news that the Langa gorilla group has now been habituated. This means that, thanks to the patient work of rangers and trackers, they are now unfazed by humans. We hope that tourists will soon be able to visit them, with this helping raise some vital funds which can be used to protect gorillas, as well as other endangered species.

So, if you do visit Kahuzi Biega anytime soon, be sure to say hello to Dominque and, if you see him, say hello to Langa as well!

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