Monthly Archives: July 2012

Interest in pedal-powered cinema keeps on growing!

Hi, this is Tuver, Out of all the projects and initiatives that the Gorilla Organization undertakes in Africa, the Pedal-Powered Cinema is becoming more and more popular among members of the local communities of Uganda. The idea of having an adapted bicycle that, when pedalled, produces enough power to screen films has been drawing people’s […]

No summer tourism for the Virungas National Park

Hello, this is Tuver, Unfortunately the situation at the Virungas National Park here in DR Congo still doesn’t look very good. As you might know, the last couple of months have been very difficult since a militia called M23 occupied the territory, threatening the security of the mountain gorillas living in the park. The situation […]

Solar power coming soon to Burusi and Ngitse

Hi, this is Tuver, As you know, fighting and general unrest here can make it difficult for us to carry out our work here in DR Congo. Right now, the general insecurity and problems being experienced at Mount Tshiabirimu mean we haven’t been able to transport the solar system equipment we received earlier in the […]