Monthly Archives: October 2012

Talking gorillas with the President…

When I was fortunate enough to meet the President of DR Congo, Joseph Kabila I talked to him about gorillas and what needs to be done to protect them…

Celebrating the success of the Wildlife Clubs in Uganda

Hi this is Sam, As you might know, we are celebrating the 12th anniversary of one of our key projects in Africa, The Wildlife Clubs in Uganda. It’s been 12 years since The Gorilla Organization joined forces with this project, which is aimed at educating young people on environmental issues. The purpose of the partnership […]

The Solar Sisters are back!

Hi this is Emmanuel, After a hard six months of training, our special team of ladies, The Solar Sisters from Rwanda, are back and ready to bring electricity to their home villages! In March 2012, the Gorilla Organization, along with the Government of Rwanda ,UNESCO and the Government of India sent a team of four illiterate […]