About the Mountain Gorillas

We are gradually building a page on the Mountain Gorillas of Mikeno. It’s a big job because there is so much to say and document about them.  Please bare with us as we work on it.

If there are any creative designers out there who could help make this page really work, we would love to hear from you…

The Kabirizi Family

Kabirizi  is the largest group of mountain gorillas in Congo.  Kabirizi is also the name of the Silverback, who is certainly one of the most beautiful silverbacks we have ever seen.


Photo take by Paul Taggart in May 2007.

You can get a detailed description of the Kabirizi Family from Diddy HERE

The Family is made up of 30 individuals:  3 Blackbacks, 6 Adult Females, 3 Sub-Adult Males, 2 Sub-Adult Females, 9 Juveniles, and 7 Babies.  We understand that there is

Kabirizi Family Members:

Kabirizi – The Adult Silverback

Adult Females:



Rubiga (killed by charcoal merchants in June 2007)












Much more to come (including life histories and other details… )

14 comments on “About the Mountain Gorillas

  1. sheryl, washington dc on said:

    Freaky! I have a friend who uses this same template for her WordPress blog, so for a minute I didn’t know where I was.


  2. Lisa, California on said:

    I can’t wait to see the new page. Of course, I imgaine you will be using a picture or pictures of the beautiful mountain gorillas on the page. My favorite picture is the close up face shot of Bonane of the Kabrizi family. He’s got the most gorgeous face and those eyes seem so gentle. I hope he is alive and well somewhere safe. Lisa

  3. Theresa Siskind St Petersburg FL on said:

    Wow, I just got off working all night…this is a little, eh different? Sheryl, I can forgive you for being a little confused! Diddy and Innocent, Lisa’s suggestion is good, but just go with your instincts…I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful whatever you decide. What would you guys do if we all turned up there, offering our help!

  4. Pam/Shell Beach, CA on said:

    I really like this format and I love what they did with the Mara Triangle blog. Great colors.

  5. Great thanks!

  6. selles brotons on said:

    I’m anxious because I’ve not news since avril 5 in you blog… I sincerely hope a good information. I wich you all my friendship…

  7. NANCY ANDRESEN on said:


  8. elisa on said:

    Hello i just thought i would comment on this site it is awesome i love monkeys and gorillas i have now for over 10 years and i am now 36 years old silver back is my favorite if you have any other ifo email me.

  9. missy smith on said:

    Great work guys I hope for TONS of photos of these magnificent animals. God bless.

  10. Hello, I visited Virunga and your fabulous Gorillas in August, 2007. I made a small donation today – I hope it helps. How is the work coming along? – we get little news of your plight here in Australia.

    I hope Joseph (our guide on the day) is well, and everyone else we met there.

    Good Luck!

  11. Savanah on said:

    I really hope the gorillas don’t go extincted!

  12. diana on said:

    from the beggining human been kill animals,and when this animal go in red book,peoples start to think about them.people are very cruel.and I want to say thank you to this great people,hwo try they best to save our animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If wasnt this great people,what will be with the animals?!!!!!!!!!!???????

  13. cheryl on said:

    I wish I was in a predicument to help. I just finished reading “lookin for miza” WOW I have been interested in mtn gorillas since “gorillas in the mist” movie!!! I have read dian fossy,amy vedder, carl arkeley and the leakys books. I am working on the very old chaillu. Sometime in the future I DO plan to help!!!! Keep the gorillas from going extinct so I can help in the near future

  14. Dr. Arndt Embacher on said:

    Great project to protect one of the most beautifull attractions of Uganda.

    Best wishes
    Dr. Arndt Embacher
    (Great Safaris in Uganda: www.Safari-in-Uganda.com)

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