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Naming the Kwita Izina baby gorillas of 2012.

Performers dancing along african rhythms

Performers dancing along to traditional african rhythms before the giving of names begins

Hi, this is Tuver,

As you know, last week I attended the eight Kwita Izina, an annual  ceremony where the baby mountain gorillas born over the past 12 months in Rwanda are officially given their names. As I hope you can see from these pictures, the atmosphere of the event was great and it so many people came from across the world celebrate the arrival of these precious babies and learn more about Rwandan culture.

This year on june 16th, 19 newborn gorillas were given names in Kinigi, the Northern Province of Rwanda. The event was chaired by Pierre Damien Habumuremyi, Prime Minister of Rwanda and I was one of thousands who looked on with joy as selected dignitaries gave the infants their names.

Some of the given names for this year’s newborns were “Icyeza” which means extreme beauty, “Ishimwe” meaning gratitude, “Itazaba” that can be translated into English as light, “Duhirwe” that means let us be lucky and “Kungahara” which means prosperous. Also, this year twins from the Susa group were born, their names “Impeta” and “Umudende” make reference of a very important and high valuable medal in Rwandan culture.

“The giving of the names for newborns remains an occasion of joy and worth celebrating” declared Ms. Rica Rwigamba, head of conservation within Rwanda Development Board (RDB), and boy was she right! There was singing and dancing and then even more dancing well into the night.

About 161 baby gorillas have been named at the Kwita Izina ceremony in Rwanda since the first festival was held  back in 2005, and The Gorilla Organization has been a proud supporter of each one.

Here are some more pictures from this year’s Kwita Izina for you to enjoy…

Delivering the given names of the newborn gorillas
Announcing the names of the gorilla babies

Digniatiries from both near and far were invited to name this year's gorilla babies


Presenting the given names of the newborn gorillas

Presenting the given names of the newborn gorillas

Enjoying the celebrations at Kwita Izina 2012

Attendees interested in knowing more about the organization

Attendees were keen to learn more about the Gorilla Organization

Hi, this is Tuver,

Along with the main gorilla-naming ceremony, a number of exciting events took place during the last week as part of Kwita Izina. For example, a day before of the giving of the names, in a ceremony called Igitaramo, attendees ate and shared corn with the communities living along the Volcanoes National Park – a great way to get everyone involved in the celebrations!

The naming ceremony of baby gorillas was not only reserved for people living near the Volcanoes National Park and other tourists, but it was also an opportunity for the different organizations that support conservation to share information and news.

An exhibition was organised at the Kigali Serena Hotel to showcase  the efforts and hard work of several NGO’s. The main focus was on sustainable tourism for a greener economy. Different exhibitors had the opportunity to present initiatives that emphasized improving energy efficiency so as to enhance the community livelihood, ecotourism for economic growth and conservation, and other technologies.

On this occasion, The Gorilla Organization had the privilege of showing the technology of solar electrification produced by illiterate women – our incredible Solar Sisters! This project was highly appreciated by the audience and it made it one of the most visited stands during the two days that the exhibition lasted. Ms. Rica Rwigamba, head of conservation within Rwanda Development Board, highlighted the activities that the organization has promoted and developed for the gorillas and the local communities in the past 20 years of its foundation.

Here are a few pictures from that exhibition so you can see for yourselves just how interested people were in our work…

Rica Rwigamba very keen to know more about our activities

Here's Rica Rwigamba of the Rwanda Development Board learning all about our work

The Gorilla Organization's stand was one of the most visited during the exhibition

The Gorilla Organization's stand was one of the most visited during the exhibition

Attendees at the Igitaramo ceremony

Attendees eating locally-grown corn at the Igitaramo ceremony